New Generation of Gaming

New Generation of Gaming

Posted by Alexandru Tanase on on May 2nd 2019

New Generation of Gaming

The gaming industry is evolving every year and it continually delivers resounding benefits and plenty of value to newcomers and experienced gamers alike. The interesting thing about the industry is that there’s always something new coming up and even right now we have a New Generation of Gaming that’s up and coming, extremely interesting and among some of the most exciting things you can experience for sure.

How can we define the New Generation of Gaming?

It all comes down to studying the market and figuring out what type of games are very common. MMORPG games are and always have been extremely popular. But new experiences such as looter shooter games, battle royale games as well as esports are defining the industry quite a bit.

You also have to keep in mind some other things such as streaming too. More and more people want to play great, new games but they can’t afford a new computer. So the game streaming services like Google Stadia will eventually become the norm for this New Generation of Gaming. Of course we are not there right now, the technology needs to evolve a bit more. And games have to be developed with such resources in mind. But the potential is there and it’s super exciting to say the least.

Watching games online

Many players are not hardcore, they like the idea of playing casual games or just watching others play more challenging games online. That’s why video game streaming platforms like YouTube gaming and Twitch are so popular, because you get to experience games without having to pay for them or actually be very good at them to begin with. In fact, developers are welcoming more choices and they are delivering multiple options to every player. This is a welcomed sight, and it definitely helps bring in more support and value as well as great consistency. Everything really matters here and the faster you get to tackle it correctly, the easier and better it will be in the end.

Mobile gaming

When we talk about the New Generation of Gaming we also have to think about mobile gaming. A lot of people are always on the go and they are actively trying to find new ways to enjoy their time or just get past a few hours of waiting in line for something. Mobile games are great because they are casual, fun and you can easily play them whenever you want at your own pace.

As you can see, the New Generation of Gaming is very diverse and it’s clearly focused on fun, excitement and cool games. It doesn’t really matter what platform you are using as long as you are gaming and having fun, as that’s what really matters. The fact that the gaming industry is now mainstream means we have a whole lot more players all the time and people actually see this as an escape from the real world! While the New Generation of Gaming might seem different when compared to retro gamers for example, it’s a clear evolution of the industry.